Affordable education for every inhabitant of the planet

Flamingo was created so that everyone has the opportunity to gain access to education, global resources, scientific infrastructure using new technologies

Platform modules

Student profile

All educational activities and scientific activities, access to assignments and a module for collaboration are stored in the personal account. Here are the results of artificial intelligence analytics and access to educational and scientific bases.

Artificial Intelligence

Building an optimal educational model through in-depth analysis of the parameters of brain activity, biorhythm, predispositions, mental abilities and character of the student.

Teacher's office

Teaching and research activities in one place. On the one hand, educational materials and verification of students' work, on the other, integration with laboratories, online libraries, research centers, drones, satellites.

Educational institution platform

An easy way to bring global educational processes online. The admin panel allows you to manage educational activities, and API capabilities to integrate with laboratories and research centers.

Big data

The distributed ledger allows you to create a transparent system for verifying and storing academic records, diplomas, patents and certificates.

Scientific platform

Ecosystem for scientific research. Collaboration with scientists around the world, knowledge base and publications, the ability to hold consultations, defend dissertations, register patents and find co-authors.

Integration and interaction module

The service's capabilities are significantly expanded by third-party integrations. Scenarios have been thought out when scientific research requires access to observatories, satellites or laboratory equipment.

The education system can no longer be outdated and technological atavism

Today the education system is a response of the past. It is difficult to exchange experience and methodological technologies!

Flamingo educational online platform eliminates existing problems and provides modern technologies in education, which in turn will make learning and research easier, more comfortable, more efficient, bringing education and science to a new level.

Technology in education


Drawing up a curriculum taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

The virtual reality

AR and VR help you better immerse yourself in the subject and simulate the space of a digital campus.

Exact recommendations

Building an individual educational route based on artificial intelligence.


Game mechanics help explain complex topics in a fun and easy way.

Integration with laboratories

Scientific centers

Machine learning

API for integration




Online library



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We are making a non-commercial platform, so we are always glad to new partners and like-minded people.

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Adel Akhmetgareev

General Director

Daniel Akhmetgareev

Expert in international cooperation

Ivan Pichugin

Director of International Integration and Development

Mansur Akhmetshin

Director of Education

Peter Potemkin

Company representative to the European Union

Zurab Kakabadze

Company representative in Georgia

Almaz Murtazin

Project Director for Educational Integration

Alexander Mustakimov

Finance Director

Ainur Minibaev

Technical Director



Complex IT services developer. The team is responsible for project design, server side and integration of all system modules.


Experts in blockchain and big data. They design a distributed ledger for the service and help with data analysis.


Expertise in the development of artificial intelligence, R&D and R&D modules from Kazan Federal University.


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